About the project…

Thank you for visiting us!

We are at the very early stages of the ‘Birmingham in 100 Meals‘ project and are in the process of organising a pilot.

In a nutshell, we are looking to organise 100 meals – maybe more, maybe fewer – across Birmingham where people from different backgrounds and areas of the city come together to meet, talk and learn about each other over food.

The idea is that the food is nothing extravagant or out of the ordinary; it is about the regular meals that people would prepare for themselves and their families…but they are hosting guests from an unfamiliar culture and part of the city.

How will this work? Well, this is part of the pilot phase: to learn how we can make this happen by testing all the processes out with a couple of trial meals. Click here to learn how we’re planning to do it.

Want to learn more and get involved? Email 100meals@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter (@100MealsBham), or complete the form below…


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